Tendering & Procurement

With top-grade tendering agent certificates, efficient and professional team, strict and scientific management, and rich experience in project operation, CEIEC, providing "one-stop" business solution including the services of tendering, procurement and legal advice, for project owner, has made great contribution to the national economy development and won a good reputation in the market as well.

In recent years, CEIEC has undertaken a good number of key projects on state level for tendering service, such as:
“Home Appliances Going to the Countryside” Project;
High-efficiency Lighting Appliance Promotion Project;
Central Transmission mainstay of National E-government Network;
Beijing Subway Construction;
Construction of TFT-LCD Production Line for BOE Technology Group.

CEIEC has completed over 2400 projects of central government investment, government purchase and international tendering of mechanical & electronic products, the total value of which amounts to more than 70 Billion yuan.

Moreover, CEIEC is also responsible for introducing technology, equipment and production line for several important projects of central and local government with a total value of $18.9 billion, cover various fields of national economy.

In the year of 2010, CEIEC celebrated its 30th anniversary. Thirty years is enough for a boy to grow into a man. Holding the essence of sincerity, bearing perseverance and innovation in mind, fulfilling the responsibility for country, society and employees, CEIEC is creating a bright future with win-win cooperation of all the business partners.

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