R&D Center

R&D Center for Overseas Project

China Electronics R&D Center for Overseas Project, a research institute specialized in system integration and research & development of product, was founded based on CEIEC. With the top-level capability of system design and integration, the Center focuses on the research of key technology, manufacture of core products, integration, simulation and demonstration of large-scaled comprehensive information system. Staffed by a good number of elite with either doctorate or masterate, and equipped with advanced facilities for research, manufacture, and experiment, the Center promises the customers a strong R&D strength and a comprehensive quality assurance system.

Redsun Technology & Development Co., Ltd.

Redsun Technology & Development Co.,Ltd., the wholly owned subsidiary of CEIEC, is mainly engaged in the scientific research and system development of integrated products in defense electronics and overseas engineering. Backed by the internationalized talents and solid marketing foundation of CEIEC, Redsun is undertaking large information system projects , sharing the experience with customers in the design and integration of large-scaled comprehensive information system, and creating value for the customers. 

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