CEIEC is a state-owned enterprise, directed by Chinese Central Government to implement international cooperation in critical areas of national security and economic development. 
Our business sectors focus on: Defense Systems, Public Security Systems, and Overseas Engineering. Benefit from quality Government and Industry resources, CEIEC is capable to deliver excellent integrated solutions to help our customer better protect national sovereignty, maintain social order, and boost economic growth, thus to obtain the citizen’s confidence in government for public administration.
We are proud of the great reputation in global market derived from our professional teams of system design, production control and field engineering, from more than 20 overseas branches throughout the world, and from business experience in over 160 countries and regions. All of these will contribute to better services to our customers.
Our Mission: For Peace and Development of the world.
Our Vision:    Trustable partner of global governments.
Our Value:     Expertise, Experience, Excellence.
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